Zach Gage

ach gage’s first discipline was art. his mfa was on data. he has exhibited internationally at several venues.

Gage has developed puzzle games for the iPad generation and his research interests straddle the challenges of designing board and card games.

His gameography:

  •  Unify
  •  BitPilot
  •  Synth Pond
  •  Halcyon
  •  SpellTower
  •  Ridiculous Fishing with Vlambeer
  •  Guts of Glory

Here’s an essay by Sam Anderson about Gage and a later article in WIRED.

Robin Hunicke

because games give us the power to touch people and because they make people open to us in ways that they may not understand, we have the opportunity to connect people together in a way that is really meaningful.

Robin Hunicke is a game designer. Her early work was at EA on My Sims and Boombox and its sequel in the 2000ʼs. She is completing a Phd at Northwestern University in A.I. Hunicke was the producer for JOURNEY for the Playstation 3 at thatgamecompany from 2009.

She was interim Advisory Board chair for Indiecade, 2011 and was an advisor for its steering committee, 2012. This is an International Festival of Independent games held in Culver city, Los Angeles.

Hunicke now lives in San Francisco and co-runs a new company Funomena.

Jason Rohrer

the real problem i have who is someone who is 31 years old with two children and a lot of my own work to do is that i feel there are no games coming out that are really worth my time. (2009)

Rohrer has developed small games as a sole developer. He has contributed intently to thought on aesthetics, philosophy and design.

He has explored puzzle, abstract, the single player, the two-person player, strategy games and massive multi-player frameworks. Titles include: GravitationPrimrosePassageInside a Star-Filled SkySleep is Death and Diamond Trust of London.

We hear about his latest game The Castle Doctrine in the film. The Castle Doctrine, very MMO, offers a meta-experience with anxiety in his newest fiction where he opens up vulnerability inside a male myth.