Whenever you are looking to play an online casino, you will want to look for ones that provide you with the best possible gaming experience. One of the people that players can look to in order to find the best options is Andrew Stone. He is very experienced in the online casino industry and has extensive knowledge of how online casinos operate and what to look for when playing on one of them. Stone has said that there are a lot of factors that you should look into when deciding on what online casino to play on. He has said that it is important to look for things such as regulation, ease of making deposits, selection of games and low stake options. Along with these aspects, he said that you will also want to search for an online casino that offers a good chance of winning bets, the security of information, bonuses and rewards, along with fast payout casinos for winnings. For more from Andrew, he has two websites that are updated regularly with casino news and the latest bonuses on offer. His Canadian site focuses on the Best Canadian Casinos but also for Kiwis, he also has a website on the best online casinos in New Zealand.


One of the key factors in deciding on an online casino to play on is its status as a regulated casino. There are many online casinos that are not regulated and are therefore likely to scam you out of your money or steal your identity. As a result, you will want to look for a casino that is regulated by the country in which it is based. A regulated casino will prove to players that it is legitimate and has met all of the requirements to operating in the gaming industry. This also ensures players that the casino is compliant with all of the gaming laws as well. By choosing a casino that is regulated, you will be in a better position to have a more fulfilling gaming experience.

Deposit Options

Anytime you play on an online casino, you will need to make a deposit in order to make a minimum bet. Since the casino is online, you will need to provide the funds electronically. It is important to look for an online casino that allows you to easily submit the funds to the casino and begin playing the game. Most casinos allow you to make transfers from your bank account. However, many more enable you to make a transfer from a separate account that you have with the casino such as Neteller or Skrill. Using a casino account allows you to make deposits more quickly and accelerate the process. With a casino that is easy to make deposits, players are assured that they will not have any delays in participating in any of the available games at the casino.

Selection of Games

According to Andrew, players will also want to consider the selection of games available as well. Whenever you decide to play at an online casino, it is important to find one that offers the widest selection of games so that you can have a more enjoyable gaming experience. While most casinos offer many games that you can play, there are some that don’t offer all of the games that you find appealing. As a result, it is a good idea to research the online casinos and find the ones that have all of the games that you want to participate in. A wide selection of games allows you to have variety and increase your chances of winning money. It also enables you to avoid boredom when playing on an online casino as well. It is worth noting that most of the casinos have similar slot games but make sure to look out for the best providers such as Microgaming and Netent.

Return To Player

Another important factor to look for when finding an online casino is one that offers you a good chance to win consistently. As you know, casinos are looking to make money and there are quite a few where the player loses money very often. With a casino that offers few chances of winning, players will stop playing. Fortunately for players, there are online casinos that enable you to win more frequently and allow you to earn money. As a result, you want to seek online casinos that offer plenty of opportunities to win and earn a decent amount of money. A casino that offers you a good chance of winning will provide you with a more enjoyable gaming experience and convince you to come back and play again in the future.

Low Stake Options

Whenever you play on an online casino, players often look to play games where the minimum bet is affordable for them. In most cases, online casinos allow you to bet on a game for as little as $5. Minimum bets as low as $5 ensures that there will be plenty of participants that will help the casino earn more money. This also allows players to more easily play a game without having to spend too much money. An affordable minimum bet will also allow a player to play more often which benefits both them and the casino. Therefore, anyone looking to play on an online casino should look for one that enables them to begin playing on the most affordable terms.


Whenever a person plays on a casino, they will often need to provide personal and financial information. Since it is online, there is a chance that it can be stolen and compromised. Therefore, players must look for a casino that offers excellent security. They will want to look for an online casino that provides protection of passwords, bank account information and tax identification number information. A more secure casino is important to ensure players that they can enjoy playing games in a safer environment. To find an online casino that is more secure, players should research the policies concerning the storage and submission of sensitive personal information. They will also want to look for a casino that allows them to receive money on a casino account and then transfer the funds through encryption.


Players who are looking to have an ideal gaming experience will want to find a casino that offers bonuses and rewards. Many games on casinos offer these benefits. A casino that provides bonuses and rewards for participation allows people to maximize their earnings and come back to play again. A great online casino provides many benefits and incentives available on a regular basis. Therefore, players who are in search of the ideal online casino should look for one that offers the most incentives so that they can have a more fulfilling gaming experience at an online casino.

Terms and Conditions

Playing on an online casino can be a bit confusing at times. One of the reasons why they are confusing is that they have certain terms and conditions that you must agree to before playing. A great casino provides you with terms and conditions that are easy to understand. It is important to look for a casino that states rules and regulations very clearly. You also want to find a casino that provides clear information about how to play, the minimum bets and policies regarding payment. Players should find a casino that clearly states that it is regulated by legitimate gaming authorities as well. With terms and conditions that are easy to understand, players will be assured that they are participating in a great online casino.

Fast Payouts

An online casino that offers timely payments for winnings is another characteristic that makes it great. Anyone that is looking to play games on an online casino should look for a fast payout casino, usually providing winnings within 2 working days. Since most casinos offer payouts within two days, players should have an easy time finding a casino that makes payments shortly after winnings are made.