Online slots are incredibly popular and one of the advantages of playing slots is that in most online casinos, there are a few hundred types of slots to play with. Also, people playing games such as blackjack or poker get stressed out as to all the decisions they need to make. Should they draw, should they raise. should they split cards or hold what they have. It can all be exhausting, wheres with slots, particularly once you’ve selected the machine or machines you’ve chosen to play, all you need do is spin and relax. You can easily have a slice of pizza and a beer while playing slots, whereas if you try to do the same thing playing poker or blackjack, you might as well open up your wallet and scream at the computer, “here, take all I have.” But which machines to play? Here are some top tips.

#1. Pay attention to the machine’s variance rather than the return to player numbers

Everyone tells you that the Return to a player is the important thing to know but really it is not. At almost all the better online casinos, the Return to Player is approximately 96 per cent for almost every slot. Online casinos need to compete not only with other online casinos but with your brick and mortar casinos as well. So figure around 96 per cent overall. However, RTP means very little. Return to player is a figure based upon millions of spins on a slot. However, one slot machine can return its players back in little chunks, which are generally called loos slots, while another machine can be very tight to most players but very generous to a few lucky winners. The technical term that casinos use is the variance of the machine. A low variance machine spits out a lot of little wins while a high variance machine rewards few winners with larger payouts. It is very important that you know not only your gambling objective on slots but team up with the right machine. If you want to play a long time, and generally break even or make a few dollars, then play a low variance machine. If your objective is to make $1,000 or more, then you want to choose a high variance machine. In order to find out what kind of variance the machine you are considering playing you often have to do a bit of research and read several review sites about the game. You won’t find the variance on the casino’s website.

#2. Read the paytables

In Las Vegas, penny machines return about 88 cents per dollar, nickel slots return approximately 91.6 cents per dollar, quarter slots return 89.4 per cent and dollar slots return around 92.3 per cent. Multi-denomination slots return around 93.61 per cent. All the machines at an online casino are multi-denomination slots, so presumably, all the Return to player rates will be the same. However, there is one thing about slot machines that is very important to know and that is that many pay the bigger jackpots only to those who select the necessary qualifying coins to win. Of course, this is very simplified in a brick-and-mortar casino but if you play a dollar slot with three coins or credits you may qualify for a $10,000 top payout, but if you only put in one coin or credit, your max prize is only $2,500. But the same thing applies to online slots. If you want to win a lot of money, then read the paytable to find out if there are minimum qualifiers.

#3. Pick the most popular slot games to play

There are over 200 different slot game developers and the average company puts out a new game once a month. This means there are lots of new games to distract you. However, the old games are tried and true and bring the best experience. To do this, it’s actually a three-step process. First, make a list of the key game providers such as Microgaming, NetEnt, and Yggdrasil Gaming. Then do a search for the best slot games of each provider. Finally, pick a game that sounds interesting and read reviews on that game. It sounds like a lot of work, and it is in a way, but this three-step process is the absolute best way to find the most popular games.

#4. Play the game for free

About 80 to 90 per cent of online slot machines have free practice games on the internet. If you spend 10 minutes practising on a free site that’s that much money you won’t spend in real life seeing if it’s a game you like or not. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to waste money testing games when I can do the same thing for free.

The bottom line playing online slots

None of the above steps will guarantee you will win. That’s between you and the lucky rabbit’s foot in the sky. After all, winners are selected at random by random number generators, and nobody has found a way to bet RNG yet. However, you can narrow your type of machine by the type of gambling you do, and pick either a low variance or a high variance machine. And you can find the best possible slot experience online by doing a reasonable amount of research. Know your limits and objectives, and also never spend more money playing slots than you can afford to win.