The Filmmakers

Stephanie Beth

In 2009 Stephanie founded Common Dreams Ltd. Over some decades of involvement with documentary production and teaching with and about media, she has sustained an ethnographic interest in the human condition in the modern and then contemporary world.


I Want to be Joan (1977)

The film was born as a commissioned work out of a United Womens’ Convention. “The organizing committee asked me to make something of the conference, take free reign to “find a topic and choose an approach.” 1977 was a catalytic, informative and energetic time for debate and experience for women in public spaces. 1977 was an ideological time for feminist thought.”

IN JOY (1980)

A film on patterns of play, improvisation and performance devised as a workshop for women who had experienced domestic violence. It screened at NFT, London and at Universities in New Zealand and the USA and was exhibited at the 27th Oberhausen Documentary Film Festival.

HULOO (2008) (co-producer)

Robin Greenberg’s film about a T’ai Chi master from China who was employed in the New Zealand fisheries from 1967, and who was part of a crew who sailed an old Chinese junk from Taiwan to San Francisco in 1955 without sailing experience. Greenberg’s sequel film is called “The Free China Junk” (2010).

Clay Westervelt

During graduate school at USC, Clay received both the Bush and Kodak Awards for Excellence in Cinematography, earning an apprenticeship with ASC members. He was honored to apprentice with Francis Kenny (2012 ASC President’s Award), and went on to learn lighting and camera techniques through on-set observation of Vilmos Zsigmond, Emmanuelle Lubezki, and Dante Spinotti.

After graduation, Clay immediately filmed pilots for every major network, establishing the look of such series as Life of Luxury with Robin Leach (ABC), Gene Simmons: Family Jewels (A&E), Rattlesnake Republic (Animal Planet), and Junk Gypsies (HGTV).

Clay branched into directing with thursday afternoon, winning additional writing and directing awards while playing on PBS, The Sundance Channel, and in film festivals internationally.

He established Martini Crew Booking as a gear and service provider for television and film productions in 2000. While at Martini, Clay filmed the Emmy-winning documentary The Legend of Pancho Barnes and the Happy Bottom Riding Club.

In 2003, Clay formed Imaginaut Entertainment, Inc, producing and directing the award-winning series Storyline Online, featuring such talents as Elijah Wood, Betty White, James Earl Jones, and Al Gore.

Imaginaut released its first feature, the award-winning documentary Popatopolis in 2009, and a heartwarming doc for HBO in 2013 about a pageant for young disabled girls. He also released Mr. Twister, a documentary about an autistic young man, produced by Academy Award-winner Mark Harris.

Clay resides in the Silverlake area of Los Angeles with his wife and daughter, and is in development on multiple documentaries and television pilots while writing two feature screenplays.