Casino Experience

A vacation at Niagara Falls sounds like the perfect plan, provided you put it to good use. One cannot go up to Niagara Falls and miss out on the main adventures that they place has to offer. Keeping the casino and hotel as the theme, you have a lot of exploring to do in this place. Getting the perfect Fallsview casino experience will end up being an unforgettable memory. So to help you prep for this journey, we have made a bunch of tips that you need to follow. Hence, here it goes.


Like we mentioned earlier, going up to Niagara Falls calls out for some unique moments that involve casinos. But amongst the list, you need to go to the right places. If you are looking to play while on your travels make sure to check out the best online casinos in Canada to find the right place for you.

1. Casino Niagara

Casino Niagara is a unique place that includes around 1300 video poker machines, 40 gaming tables, a poker room with around 26 tables and a 95,000 square foot players club. But if these aspects don’t seem to catch your drift, then you can go ahead to play PlayStation, Xbox or even enjoy some good food at Perks Cafe. Additional places like the sports bar tend to raise the stakes on the fun.

2. Fallsview Casino

Fallsview Casino is Canada’s largest gaming resort that overlooks Niagara Falls. The 2.5 million square foot of a casino includes around 3000 slot machines, more than 130 gaming tables and a poker room. Classic gambling games(Must Watch) such as Roulette, Blackjack, Craps among others are readily available. Soon after gaming, you can also go ahead to grab some food, as the place boasts of several options. Golden Lotus, Falls Deti, Tim Hortons are a few among their famous ones.


Apart from all the gambling fun, you do need a place to stay. But you don’t require an ordinary place. You need hotels that not only provide the best service but also bring in a bit of authenticity.

1. Sheraton On The Falls

a complete experience

A hotel that is close to the falls is an essential requirement for a holiday. By all means, the Sheraton On The Falls is a viable option that comes with jetted bathtubs, corner suits, and so on. The place offers a complete experience with meals coming from Windows by Fallsview Buffet and Jamie Kennedy.

2. Crowne Plaza Fallsview

Numerous travellers have come to Crowne Plaza Fallsview and have gone back by giving out some positive feedback. The place lures you in with some comfortable beds, Wi-Fi, Whirlpool and so on. Every customer at this hotel tends to stay at the topmost corner of luxury by receiving incredible service and top-notch facilities. Hence, towards the end, you will believe that you are in paradise.