Online Roulette: The Differences Between Live Dealer and Other Versions

Here is the thing about playing online Roulette. You want to have the same experience as you would in a brick and mortar casino. The goal is to play real Roulette, not just some mockup or a random version of the game. There are three regular versions of Roulette. You get American, French, and European Roulette. Both French and European online versions(it is the same thing)have 37 pockets and only one “O” pocket. The American version has 38 pockets and both the “O” and “OO” pockets. The American version also has the added double green pocket.

The Online Live Dealer Version

Players who have “gambling” in their blood are the primary target audience(the ones who want to get lucky). The live-dealer version combines the online experience with playing in a brick and mortar location.

The Benefits of Playing Online Live Dealer Roulette

1) The first benefit to talk about concerns convenience. Both your time and money are important. Why would you want to waste your time with some subpar casino playing experience? That is what makes the live dealer experience so special. The only difference is you do not have to put on clothes and hail a cab or drive your car to the casino. The other convenience factor is you get the same experience in your living room. You can watch the guy or girl spin the wheel in front of you on your computer. That means the casino is not going to try anything on you. There is an aspect of integrity when you play live dealer Roulette, something you do not get from other games. The other convenience part is you get to communicate to the live dealer before and after he or she spins the wheel. It is like you are there in-person. A lot of players like that.

2) There is the real-time aspect. Now, some people do not make much of a deal on the real-time thing, but they should. It is important for a few reasons. One, playing regular online Roulette does not emulate true Roulette(according to some). Live-dealer Roulette is not a complicated game to start with. You just have to select a number and spin the wheel. Some people argue that regular Roulette does not include the real-time experience of spinning the wheel and see what happens. That is where live dealer Roulette is different. Do you have a question during the game? You just ask the question to the guy or girl who has a headset and microphone attached to them. That is what makes the live version special and different. You feel like your in Vegas without being there.

3) You get to select the dealer. That is right, you heard me! Playing the regular online versions you find the choice is made for you. Live-dealer does not work that way. Do you want a blonde girl to spin the wheel? Do you want a spicy red-head? Do you want some hot guy without a shirt? That last one might have been a little exaggerated, but you get the idea. You can select your preference before you begin. You get to pick how you want the live game to go. That is a far cry from the regular Roulette games, The regular versions come in pre-selected versions and you deal with what they give you. There is no input. You get the opposite of live-dealer.

Are There Any Drawbacks Players Could Find?

Yes, of course, there are. No game is 100% guaranteed to please everyone. Now, keep in mind, that some of these drawbacks might be seen as that for some players. It depends on your personality and your goals for playing.

1) Have you been playing Roulette yourself online? Yeah. you have been a little spoiled. You get to go at the pace that is right for you. The live-dealer version is faster. You need to be prepared for that. This is one drawback that more than 50% of players have mentioned something about. When the site uses software to control everything, you can decide how many hands you want to play and how fast you go. That is not what happens with live-dealer. It is happening in real-time, so plan for a speedy playing field. Everyone has to up their game. Playing the online regular version you have to take the software’s word for it.

2) Then, there are the betting limits to consider with live-dealer. Once again, this may or may not affect you. This drawback is designed for those who go from one extreme to another( either low or higher stakes). Most online regular Roulette games are going to let you bet between $1-5,000. Live-dealer sites have accepted bets as low as ten cents and as high as $500,000. Some live dealer sites will only go as high as $200. Players should check the site to see how high the stakes go. Pick something else if the betting stakes go lower than what you want.

3) The table setting is going to be different too. Most online regular Roulette games will let you open the table and play when you want. You are not going to get that with live-dealer. That means that only a set number of tables will be available at each time slot. Say, for example, you open an account with a live-dealer Roulette casino game that holds ten tables. Every table only allows seven people to play at a time. You find that every seat has been taken. You have to wait your turn. That could be one drawback to the live-dealer version. Once again, it depends on who you are. You can submit your name and ID to a waiting list. They will alert you when something becomes ready and available. You also might want to find something else to do during that time. Waiting around is not going to do you any good.

Which One Is Better?

Once again, it comes down to personal preference. Many players find the live-dealer Roulette to be the better option, but you might see things differently. Think about what I said in this content(the pros and cons of each), and find a choice that suits your playing style and personality. Both have their benefits. There is no one right answer here. Hope this helps! Good luck!