Blackjack is one of the most popular games you will find on a poker casino floor. The reason it’s so popular is that at its simplest form it is a very simple game to understand and play. This doesn’t at all mean you will be successful as with all games that appear simple there are a lot of intricacies that you must understand and learn if you want to be successful. We are going to go over some of the top tips to win more in blackjack.

This is going to be a tip not just for blackjack but all gambling in general. This is probably also one of the most difficult things especially when you’re in the middle of playing or even worse chasing your loses. You MUST have good money management when gambling anything at any level. This usually means only gambling what you’re comfortable losing because more than likely you’re going to lose in the long run. If you have five hundred dollars to bet don’t play fifty dollar hands! Play lower stakes so you aren’t at the bar begging someone to buy you a drink! By all means, don’t ever chase your loses just take the beating and move on to play another day.

One of the biggest scams in the game of blackjack is insurance! You should by all means never take insurance on a hand of blackjack. The reason is that when you buy insurance it greatly increases the houses odds against you. The odds are already against you so no need to help them out by hurting yourself. There’s a reason that they always ask you if you want it… That’s because it helps them so just say no and play the hand the way you’re supposed to.

The number one thing that you are needing to understand is the basics of blackjack. An ace in blackjack can count for a total of 11 or 1. You will hear the expressions of a hard “number” or a soft “number”. What that means is that a hand without an ace is hard as in if you have an eight and seven you have a hard fifteen. If you have an ace in your hand it’s soft as in an ace and a seven can count for a total of eighteen or eight. As you get deeper into strategy this will be more important as you will may want to hit on a soft 18 but should stand on a hard 18. That’s a very complicated part of the strategy that you can look into more on your own.

When picking a blackjack table here are a few things to keep an eye on that will increase your odds. You’re going to want to find a table that is using as few decks of cards as possible. You’re also going to want to find tables that pay out the full 3:2, not the 6:5. Another thing to try and find is where the dealer will need to stand on a soft 17. Just another thing to increase your odds because you don’t want them having the chance to suck out a better number and get close to twenty-one.

You will need to know what situations you will need to hit and stand. There isn’t a one size fits all answer for this as it all depends on what cards you’re holding and what card the dealer has shown. So it makes it difficult to give an exact answer other than you need to do a little research and find out mathematically what to do to increase your odds.

Another situation you are going to want to understand is when is the time to double down. First of all, if you don’t know what double down means let’s go over that. Double down is when you double the size of the bet you placed after the cards are dealt but you’re only allowed to get 1 card. This isn’t exactly a one size fits all answer either but you will typically want to double down when the dealer is showing a 4,5 or 6 and you have a hard 9, 10, 11 or soft 13-18. As said above this is a general statement so do some research to see as the variables change and so does your strategy.

Something else to understand that is related to the double down is about when a dealer is showing a 5 or 6. When they are showing 5 or 6 they are more likely to make a hand than the bust. This is why you’re instructed to double down in a lot of situations against them.

As you can see Blackjack is a much more intricate and complicated game than it seems on the surface. Movies like 21 and Rainman make it look so easy to bust the casinos. That isn’t the case at all as the casinos aren’t opened so you can win they are there to take your money. If you’re able to go into it with the mentality that its entertainment and you will probably lose after the day is over the better off you will be. All we can do is prepare ourselves with the best strategy to increase our odds of beating the house.